The Team

Veterinary Surgeons

Dr Andre Buthe, Dr med vet MRCVS, Cert Acupuncture (IVAS) & Chiropractic (AVCA)

Team Veterinarian for the British Dressage Senior Team

Andre worked as an equine veterinarian at the University of Berlin performing research of the ‘kissing-spine’ syndrome, alongside his clinical work. In 2003 Andre set up practice for sports medicine in the UK and has been team veterinarian for the British Equestrian Federation and its World Class performance programme since 2006. He is a FEI accredited veterinarian and has supported various nations at the Olympics, world equestrian games and international competitions.

He combines conventional orthopaedic medicine with acupuncture and chiropractic to allow the horse to reach and maintain its optimum performance. The majority of his case load is back problem and lameness related.

Andre has competed to International level himself, so has a great understanding of the demands on high performance horses.

Dr Christiana Ober DRS MRCVS

Team Veterinarian for the New Zealand Eventing Team

Christiana relocated from the USA to the UK in 2015. She graduated from the Virginia- Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. She has 20 years of extensive experience in equine sports medicine and managing the competition horse. Her primary interests include purchase exams, lameness, management and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries, regenerative medicine, and sports medicine especially related to the three-day event horse. Her practice in the USA was located in Middleburg, Virginia and Ocala, Florida, where she was the Team Veterinarian for the Canadian Eventing Team for 10 years through three World Equestrian Games and two Olympic Games. She has been Team veterinarian for the New Zealand Eventing Team since 2015. She served as Team veterinarian for both the New Zealand Eventing and Show jumping Teams at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina in 2018. She also serves as a Team Vet for USA Show jumping at occasional shows in the UK and Europe.

She is FEI qualified as both a permitted treating veterinarian and as a veterinary delegate for three-day eventing. She comes from a competitive running background in university and has completed 7 full Ironman Triathlons including the World Championships in Hawaii. She likes to spend her free time cycling, and most importantly spending time with her husband, Andre Buthe, and their son Luca.

Dr Alice Croxford BVMedSci BVM BVS MRCVS

Assistant Team Veterinarian for New Zealand Eventing Team

Alice graduated from the University of Nottingham in which time she had two equine research articles published and had spent time at large clinics in the USA and EU. After graduation she was awarded the John Walmsley Clinical Research Scholarship to conduct orthopaedic research into stifle lameness. Following this she spent several years working at busy equine practices in Gloucestershire and South Wales, and also completed an 18-month internship at Liphook Equine Hospital where she gained extensive experience in referral level orthopaedics, surgery and medicine.

Alice joined the clinic in 2019 with her special interest in management of the competition horse, particularly orthopaedic conditions, rehabilitation, poor performance, and diagnostic imaging.

Alice is a FEI Permitted Treating Veterinarian and an Official Veterinarian (OCQ(V)-EQ) and can be found supporting clients at events during the competition season. She has stepped into supporting the New Zealand Eventing Team as veterinarian at several successful Nations Cup events. She is currently completing her certificate to be recognised as an Advanced Veterinary Practitioner specialised in lameness diagnosis and therapeutics.